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Bead Finishing Glass

We offer glass finishing beads that can leave your parts with brighter, more lustrous finishes. When manufacturing parts, the last step can be among the most important. Not only does surface finishing make your product more aesthetically pleasing, it removes imperfections like burrs that could potentially affect the part’s performance. Vibra Finish Ltd.‘s glass beads can help you make the most out of this procedure. Our selection ensures that, no matter the finish you’re looking for, we have a bead that can help you reach it.

Many different textures available

We carry six different grades of glass beads to suit your specific surface grade requirements. They’re environmentally sustainable and create a smooth, bright finish when used in air blasting applications.

Our stock includes B10 and B11 beads. The former produces a medium fine finish on products, while the latter can hone surfaces to under 90 microns. Our B13 beads provide even finer finishes, reducing surface grit levels to as low as 45 microns.

If you’re looking for more grit and a rougher finish, we also stock a variety of beads that create coarser surfaces. Our B4 beads are 30/40 mesh, ensuring an extra coarse finish, while B5 and B6 beads are also available for surfaces that require slightly less roughness.

Good for cleaning, finishing

These beads are primarily used within blasting and shot peening applications to achieve a desired surface consistency, clean a specific product and remove imperfections. As a result, companies in the construction, aerospace and automotive industries, commonly use these products on their parts.

High quality service

Vibra Finish Ltd. is an ISO 9001-compliant company, ensuring that we maintain a high standard of quality in each of our manufacturing and servicing operations.

About us

We’ve offered innovative vibratory finishing options to industrial companies since 1971. With four facilities operating 24/7, we are able to accommodate orders quickly and efficiently, providing mass-produced parts with strong, vibrant finishes.