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We can produce a variety of angles, angle irons, and V-shapes with our low cost and high speed roll forming services. The types of materials we use to produce our angles include steel, brass, stainless steel, aluminum, and titanium. Our maximum capability for material thickness of our angles ranges from .005″ up to .188″. One of the many benefits of our roll formed angles is tighter tolerances for dimensions than you will typically find with press brake formed parts. They also offer lower cost at volumes over 1,000 feet, because they can be produced faster and easier than brake formed angles. Johnson Bros Roll Forming Co. has been a leader in the industry since 1948.


Angles are the most basic roll formed profiles, as the required tooling is simple and inexpensive to set up. For 90 degree leg angles, we are capable of producing up to 4″ outside diameter leg height using up to 3/16″ thicknesses, and up to 9″ outside diameter with .075″ maximum thickness using existing tooling (maximum thicknesses are increased when working with aluminum).  The minimum leg height is .090″.

Our angles typically have equal legs, but unequal leg angles (also known as L’s) are available. We also offer V-shapes, and angles of various degrees. Our services also include operations using pre- and post-notch presses, such as slots, holes, cutouts, miters, shear forms, perforating, and end fabricating.

Angles expertise

We have extensive experience roll forming custom, standard, and contract parts. We utilize more than 20 roll forming machines that boast up to 28 station capacity. This enables us to easily and efficiently create even the most complex profiles.

Angles industries

The angles we produce are available in many varieties, and they are utilized by many diverse industries. One of the most common applications is framing, but they are also used for rails, trim, bars, posts, hangers, brackets, supports, and stiffeners, among others.


Johnson Bros. Roll Forming Co.