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Anaerobic Adhesives

We can supply a wide range of anaerobic adhesives. The selection includes threadlockers, thread sealants, gasket sealants, and retaining materials. They are all part of our well known and trusted Loctite brand.  Theses adhesives will prevent loosening from vibration, and protect the joint from corrosion and rust. Typically, they are used to augment the seal or holding strength of a mechanically joined assembly. Henkel Canada Corporation is the ideal source for these products as we provide solutions that are known as best-in-class, and we have a comprehensive selection. Each type of adhesive is available in several formulas to suit the application.

Anaerobic adhesive selection

Threadlockers will completely fill the baps between mating threads to lock the assembly and seal it against fluids. These adhesives can be used on both active metals like brass and copper as well as passive metals like stainless steel and plated surfaces. During assembly, Loctite threadlockers also provide lubricity for controlled torque.  

Thread sealants prevent gases and liquids from leaking out of metal pipes and joints. These sealants will provide an instant seal that can handle low pressures, and when fully cured can handle pressures up to the burst strength of most systems. They can be provided in either liquid or stick form.

Gasket sealants can act as both a sealant and adhesive between two flanges. The sealant forms an impervious barrier that prevents the leakage of fluids and gasses, while offering up to 95 per cent material savings when compared to hard gaskets. In addition, these sealants provide flexibility in design.

Retaining compounds are used to secure bearings, bushings, and cylindrical parts onto shafts or into housings.  They offer uniform stress distribution, increased maximum load, and protection against fretting corrosion.

How they work

Anaerobic adhesives work by completely filling the gaps between metal components. These adhesives remain in liquid form until they are isolated from oxygen in the presence of metal ions. At room temperature, they can fixture in minutes and will fully in less than 24 hours. In addition, they can be cured more rapidly when exposed to heat for short periods, for example 30 minutes at 120 degrees Celsius.

Industries served

Henkel Canada Corporation provides solutions for a wide variety of applications. Just some of the industries we serve include industrial assembly, construction, MRO, and metal processing.