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modular rectangular connectors

Modular rectangular connectors by HARTING tackle many combinations
June 11, 2020 by Harting Canada Inc

HARTING Canada is the country’s leading source of connectivity solutions, a reputation carried forth from its German founder, Wilhelm Harting. This unique inventor created the company’s line of modular rectangular connectors more than…

adsorption dryers

Pneudri adsorption dryers by Parker provide clean, dry compressed air
June 11, 2020 by Wainbee Limited

Wainbee Limited offers industrial products for dryer and wash-down applications, like the Parker Pneudri MX series of large-flow, heatless, compressed-air dryers. These adsorption dryers give users clean, oil-free, dry compressed air that complies…

Visual Support

Endress+Hauser continues to assist maintenance staff with Visual Support
June 11, 2020 by Endress + Hauser Canada Ltd.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses have had to resort to unusual measures to stay operative. Endress+Hauser Canada Ltd. has responded to the crisis partly by releasing its new Visual Support app earlier than…

industrial hose guards

Industrial hose guards by Caplugs offer toughness, flexibility, and durability
June 11, 2020 by Daemar Inc.

Essential components for industry: Daemar Inc. makes this its specialty, with a solution for every need. The inventory includes numerous products by Caplugs – including a line of industrial hose guards. Caplugs has…

broaching info

Ohio Broach’s website is a goldmine for professional broaching info
June 11, 2020 by The Ohio Broach & Machine Co.

Manufacturing operations everywhere rely on broaching to create quality products. It helps to have a solid broaching resource to learn the best options for individual projects. Enter The Ohio Broach & Machine Company,…

CMMS software

How to determine the ROI of using Custodian CMMS software
June 10, 2020 by CustodianTM CMMS (by AG Research Inc)

Custodian CMMS offers great functions to keep a business on track – especially preventive maintenance and reactive maintenance. By streamlining maintenance to be quicker and more efficient, this CMMS software keeps businesses competitive…

reliable wire forming

Reliable wire forming is a key factor in Arcfil’s constant success
June 10, 2020 by Arcfil Products Ltd

Arcfil Products Ltd. has more than 40 years of experience providing reliable wire products for customers. Not only does the company provide top wire forming, stampings, and other products and services – it…

pressure-sensing digital flowmeters

New pressure-sensing digital flowmeters by EXAIR monitor flow, pressure
June 10, 2020 by Exair Corporation

EXAIR Corporation is always finding new ways to use compressed air in innovative products that make businesses more productive and competitive. The latest development by the company is a new line of pressure-sensing…

rust removal service

Vibra Finish rust removal service is essential during the summer
June 10, 2020 by Vibra Finish Limited

Vibra Finish Ltd. offers a rust removal service that is always available. Surface rust is an unwelcome phenomenon during the humid days of summer. Whether the parts are manufactured locally, or rusted during…

fatigue-rated load cells

Interface fatigue-rated load cells provide millions of fully rendered cycles
June 10, 2020 by Durham Instruments

Interface Force Measurement manufactures a variety of load cells, available to Canadian businesses through Durham Instruments. For example, the Model 1000 series comprises low-profile, fatigue-rated load cells with 300 per cent safe overload,…

foam manufacturing processes

The specialized foam manufacturing processes that CFS uses to succeed
June 9, 2020 by Custom Foam Systems Ltd.

Custom Foam Systems Ltd. (CFS) is Canada’s top industrial source of custom foam components – all of which are made through specialized polyurethane foam manufacturing processes. For close to 50 years, the company…


Slat cleaners by Trumpf make the slag-removal process far easier
June 9, 2020 by Dobco Equipment Ltd.

Well known internationally for its consistent high quality, Trumpf’s TruTool brand of power tools is available in Canada via Dobco Equipment. This line includes more than just cutting and power tools; it also…

machining capabilities

Matritech succeeds by constant investment in its machining capabilities
June 8, 2020 by Matritech Inc.

For more than 30 years now, Matritech Inc. has been satisfying Canadian businesses with its diverse machining capabilities. Because industry never stops changing or evolving, the company knows it can never rest on…


RKC Instrument products available in Western Canada through Thermo-Kinetics
June 8, 2020 by Thermo-Kinetics Measurement & Control Ltd.

Thermo-Kinetics Measurement and Control is a top Canadian supplier of test and measurement instrumentation from many major manufacturers. The company’s newest partner is RKC Instrument Inc., for whom Thermo-Kinetics is an authorized distributor…

heavy-duty apron feeders

The components that make Continental heavy-duty apron feeders run smoothly
June 8, 2020 by Continental Conveyor Ltd

Continental Conveyor Ltd. manufactures and supplies a broad variety of material-handling systems – more than just standard conveyors. The company also provides heavy-duty apron feeders. Designed and built for challenging work conditions, these…

continuous attritors

Union Process dry continuous attritors work for food, metal, chemicals
June 8, 2020 by Firing Industries Ltd

Union Process has earned an international reputation for its “attritors”, a unique style of grinding equipment, available in Canada from Firing Industries. One potent line is the HSA series of dry continuous attritors.…

machine tool belts

Machine tool belts by Megadyne-Jason withstand high wear and tear
June 8, 2020 by Jason Industrial (Canada) Ltd.

Megadyne-Jason is where Canadian businesses go when they need belts for industrial equipment – including a range of machine tool belts. These units work for positioning and power-drive applications, as well as manual…

insulation removal hose

WPE insulation removal hose by Hi-Tech Duravent is strong, versatile
June 5, 2020 by Hi-Tech Duravent

Hi-Tech Duravent has evolved into a leader in design and production of industrial hosing solutions since 1976. A broad range of high-quality products for various applications and sectors has earned this reputation for…


Rosta serves the transportation sector with unparalleled tensioning technology
June 4, 2020 by Rosta Inc

Safety and reliability are important factors when it comes to the transportation industry. The technology on which cars, buses, and trucks rely must never fail, in part because lives depend on its adequacy.…

metal hosing

Metal hosing solutions by Hose Master work for several vital industries
June 4, 2020 by Sudbury International Engineered Products Limited

Hose Master manufactures a broad variety of metal hosing solutions that are available in Canada via Sudbury International Engineered Products Limited. An advantage of investing in Hose Master products is that the company…

multi-function power meters

SINEAX multi-function power meters and transducers are available from Mod-Tronic
June 4, 2020 by Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd.

Mod-Tronic Instruments Ltd. is Canada’s source of test and measurement devices manufactured by Camille Bauer Metrawatt AG. In addition to a broad variety of transmitters, signal conditioners, and more, the distributor offers a…

liquid pipeline coating

Protal 7200 liquid pipeline coating by Denso cures extremely quickly
June 4, 2020 by Denso North America Inc

Denso North America offers a variety of pipeline coatings among its broad range of anti-corrosion and sealing products for infrastructure, oil and gas, and more. One of the most potent examples is Protal…

high quality cable

Bergen Cable promises high quality cable solutions for every customer
June 3, 2020 by Bergen Cable Technology, Inc

Multiple awards and consistent success for close to 80 years are fine signs of a company’s trustworthiness. Customers have come to expect high quality cable solutions from Bergen Cable, as quality remains Bergen’s…

metal blasting services

Metal blasting services by Vibra Finish offer strong benefits to customers
June 3, 2020 by Vibra Finish Limited

For close to half a century, Vibra Finish has offered industrial metal-finishing services above and beyond customer expectations. The company’s many skills including burnishing, surface engineering, deburring, rust removal, and vibratory finishing. Another key example…

magnet shaker

Permanent magnet shaker by Brüel & Kjær suits many applications
June 3, 2020 by Durham Instruments

Durham Instruments supplies a broad selection of devices by Brüel & Kjær, such as the LDS V406 permanent magnet shaker. This unit is commonly used for general vibration tests, but is also popular…

surface disinfectant

BioTEXT surface disinfectant from P&A keeps workplaces clean during COVID-19
June 3, 2020 by P & A Plastics Inc.

P&A Plastics Inc. is a major supplier of plastic sheets, rods and tubes, and custom plastic fabrication, having earned the nickname “The Plastics Place”. During the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, it…

wearable camera

Intrinsically safe wearable camera by ECOM offers hands-free operation
June 2, 2020 by Process Instruments and Components Inc

Process Instruments and Components Inc. (PIC) supplies the best industrial equipment for hazardous locations in Canada, including products by the ECOM division of Pepperl+Fuchs. One of ECOM’s latest developments is the Cube 800…

industrial engineered chains

Tsubaki offers over a dozen kinds of industrial engineered chains
June 2, 2020 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

For more than a century, including over 45 years in Canada, Tsubaki has kept manufacturers profitable with high-quality chains. These products come in three main categories: conveyor, drive, and engineered chains. Tsubaki’s industrial…


Norpak Handling can supply FMH Conveyors products for Canadian businesses
June 2, 2020 by Norpak Handling Limited

Manufacturing and warehouse facilities across Canada trust Norpak Handling for an unmatched inventory of material-handling products from major producers. One of the distributor’s key partners is FMH Conveyors, with which Norpak is a…

magnetic padlocks

Magnetic padlocks by Capitol are perfect for the maritime industry
June 2, 2020 by Capitol Industries Inc.

Capitol Industries Inc. carries a portfolio of locking solutions unlike that of any other producer in Canada. One of the company’s most recent innovations is a line of magnetic padlocks that work with…