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belt sanders

Dotco belt sanders can grind, deburr, polish, blend, and more
December 14, 2020 by Dobco Equipment Ltd.

Dobco Equipment Ltd. supplies an unsurpassed variety of industrial power tools by partnering with a wide range of world-class manufacturers. Dotco is just one example, and it produces a diverse selection of belt…

bus interfaces

Festo’s new PROFINET bus interfaces offer many important user features
December 14, 2020 by Festo Inc

The latest innovation available from Festo Canada is a new generation of PROFINET bus interfaces, the FB44 and FB45, for the company’s CPX automation platform. Festo has added four key features to these…

rubber dampers

Recycling plant replaces rubber dampers with Rosta elements, with success
December 14, 2020 by Rosta Inc

Rosta Inc. has been making a difference for Canadian manufacturers for more than three decades, and its parent company has done so for much longer. The company’s solutions improve production in many major…

pump kits

FLUX pump kits work with disinfectants, sanitizers, and cleaning agents
December 11, 2020 by York Fluid Controls Ltd

York Fluid Controls is a key source of products by FLUX, a major name in drum and container pumps for decades. The lineup includes complete packaged pump kits for pumping, dosing, and mixing…


Norpak offers consulting, commissioning, and more for its conveyors
December 11, 2020 by Norpak Handling Limited

Customers can choose from a wide variety of material-handling solutions from Norpak Handling, to fulfill a broad range of needs. More importantly, the company is an established Conveyor Systems Integrator that offers additional…

product database

Tsubaki product database helps customers find the information they need
December 11, 2020 by Tsubaki Of Canada Ltd.

A major manufacturer and supplier of industrial chain solutions and more for more than 45 years, Tsubaki of Canada has an unusually diverse product lineup. To help clients sort through these items and…

Quality Assurance Program

Quality Assurance Program helps L. & M. ensure customer satisfaction
December 10, 2020 by L & M Precision Products Inc

L. & M. Precision Products Inc. adheres to a very high standard of quality in the custom machined parts that it provides for customers. To make sure that it never wavers from this…

stainless steel air conveyor

Stainless steel air conveyor by EXAIR resists chemicals and corrosion
December 10, 2020 by Exair Corporation

EXAIR Corporation gives businesses across North America top industrial vacuum power with its Line Vac series of air-operated conveyors. The latest addition to this product family is the Threaded Line Vac – a…

cap designs

MOCAP makes three different cap designs for different application types
December 10, 2020 by MOCAP, LLC

An unmatched selection of caps, plugs and grips – this is what MOCAP has provided for businesses across the continent for nearly four decades. The company offers three main categories of cap designs,…

flexible metal hose

The basic components of a Hose Master flexible metal hose
December 9, 2020 by Sudbury International Engineered Products Limited

Hose Master manufactures hosing solutions that are available in Canada through Sudbury International Engineered Products Limited. To understand how these flexible metal hose assemblies create value for different applications, Hose Master recommends reviewing…

connector forms

How connector forms affect their usability, according to HARTING Canada
December 9, 2020 by Harting Canada Inc

HARTING Canada is not only a leading manufacturer of connectivity solutions, but also a team of experts on them. The company has plenty to say about current trends in industrial connectivity – including…

collision avoidance system

Provix collision avoidance system makes mining and other operations safer
December 9, 2020 by Provix Inc.

Professional vision enhancement: this is the promise of the team at Provix Inc., as it works to develop solutions to make operations safer and more productive. A key example: the company has collaborated…

preventative maintenance

The perfect preventative maintenance system: Custodian is the best choice
December 8, 2020 by CustodianTM CMMS (by AG Research Inc)

Custodian CMMS is the most affordable asset- and maintenance-management software on the industrial market. This unique solution lets workers report issues from anywhere at any time, while getting update notifications on repair progress…

vibratory compounds

Vibratory compounds are a significant part of the Vibra Finish process
December 8, 2020 by Vibra Finish Limited

For expert finishing of industrial metal parts, Vibra Finish is the company to trust. This company has mastered every part of the finishing process, from cleaning and polishing to smoothing and deburring. Vibra Finish also…

multi-axis load cell

Multi-axis load cell by Interface works for scientific, industrial applications
December 8, 2020 by Durham Instruments

Interface Force Measurement Solutions teams up with Durham Instruments to make its multi-axis load cell available in Canada. This device can measure forces and torques in three mutually perpendicular axes and three simultaneous…

high temperature coating

Denso Protal high temperature coating for pipelines offers fast curing
December 8, 2020 by Denso North America Inc

Pipelines have received innovative protection from Denso North America for decades. The lineup includes liquid pipeline coatings, like the unique Protal 7900HT: a high temperature coating that can be applied by hand or…


POSITAL magnetic encoders help to boost performance in stepper motors
December 8, 2020 by FRABA Inc

A leading global provider of industrial motion-control solutions, POSITAL-Fraba offers a wide variety of kit encoders, including magnetic encoders. Now, the manufacturer has released a new generation of kit encoders, or modular position…

explosion protection devices

WAGO explosion protection devices make equipment safer and efficient
December 8, 2020 by Wainbee Limited

Wainbee Limited boasts a range of industrial equipment unlike that of any other Canadian distributor, equipment from a top selection of manufacturers. Some of these products are recommended for machine safety, keeping workers…


Hosokawa Micron classifiers meet the industry’s need for finer particles
December 8, 2020 by Firing Industries Ltd

Hosokawa Micron Powder Systems remains a leading manufacturer of processing equipment, including classifiers, available from Firing Industries Ltd. These classifiers have been engineered to meet the industry’s increasing need for finer particles, as…

flat wire wave springs

Flat wire wave springs by Daemar offer many compelling advantages
December 7, 2020 by Daemar Inc.

Daemar Inc. supplies essential components for industry, including flat wire wave springs – both single- and multi-turn options. Users get the ultimate balance of size and spring force from these units. Although most…


Matritech counts parts assembly among its many great customer services
December 7, 2020 by Matritech Inc.

Versatility: this is what makes Matritech Inc. stand out among other machining companies. Since it opened in 1989, the firm has served Canadian industry as a perfect one-stop shop for custom metal components,…

coupling hub

Induction heating by Red-D-Arc helps remove coupling hub for customer
December 4, 2020 by Red-D-Arc Welderentals

Red-D-Arc Welderentals has an impressive record of customer success stories. Among the most recent: a business contacted the company for help in removing a coupling hub from a motor shaft with induction heating,…

handheld measuring solution

Rotronic HP32 handheld measuring solution has a wide application range
December 4, 2020 by Chevrier Instruments Inc.

Chevrier Instruments Inc. helps businesses fulfill test and measurement needs with a comprehensive range of products. The supplier works with major manufacturers like Rotronic Measurement Solutions – creators of the HygroPalm HP32 handheld…

mattress foam

CFS’ speedy delivery of mattress foam satisfies a hospital’s needs
December 4, 2020 by Custom Foam Systems Ltd.

The healthcare sector benefits highly from the skills of Custom Foam Systems Ltd. (CFS) – including the manufacture of mattress foam. A key benefit of hiring the company is the value it places…

apron feeder units

Continental apron feeder units move abrasive material in harsh environments
December 3, 2020 by Continental Conveyor Ltd

Customers across the Canadian industrial landscape have a lot of options from which to choose at Continental Conveyor Ltd. – conveyors, stackers, feeders, and more. The firm manufactures material-handling equipment and also components…

energy automation products

Lovato Electric energy automation products available in Canada from PIC
December 3, 2020 by Process Instruments and Components Inc

Process Instruments and Components Inc. (PIC) is a premier Canadian supplier of industrial solutions for hazardous work environments. Workers stay safe and productive with the company’s unique selection, which includes products made by…

temperature measurement

Endress+Hauser offers breakthrough temperature measurement for dairy processing
December 3, 2020 by Endress + Hauser Canada Ltd.

Temperature management is a constant challenge in Ultra High Temperature (UHT) processing of milk and other nutrient solutions, according to Endress+Hauser Canada Ltd. The medium is exposed to temperatures in a range of…

conveyor belt maintenance

Expert tips from Norpak Handling on proper conveyor belt maintenance
December 3, 2020 by Norpak Handling Limited

Norpak Handling takes pride in its responsibility to assist its customers with expert advice on its material-handling systems. This includes belt conveyors, which are popular in manufacturing and distribution facilities. Their belts, which…

particulate measurement devices

Auburn particulate measurement devices suit foundries in urban areas
December 3, 2020 by Firing Industries Ltd

Firing Industries Ltd. teams up with Auburn FilterSense to supply a broad variety of industrial equipment to Canadian businesses: solutions for triboelectric detection, reporting and data management, or predictive monitoring. For foundries located…

hard wiring

HARTING Canada on why its connectors trump traditional hard wiring
December 3, 2020 by Harting Canada Inc

For the peak of connectivity technology, businesses across the country trust HARTING Canada. The company deems its connector solutions superior to traditional hard wiring and lugging, and with good reason. While the latter…