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Metalic Coatings Suppliers

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A & M Heat Treating Ltd.

Mississauga, Ontario

Servicing manufacturing industry – vacuum heat treatment, carburizing, carbonitriding, solution annealing, precipitation aging, normalizing, stress relieving, cryogenics, mettalurgical laboratory services. Also, TD Vanadium carbide coating for the stamping industry, gas nitriding reaching depths…

Lasalle Plating Inc

Saint-Laurent, Québec

Lasalle Plating has come a long way since it first started offering zinc plating services. Mainly used to prevent corrosion, zinc plating is required more and more in various industries and has become…

Acadian Group

Mississauga, Ontario

Lego Centre de Finition Inc.

Saint-Léonard, Québec

Durable Release Coaters Ltd.

Brampton, Ontario

Teflon Coating Service, Ecoat

Polycote Inc.
Manufacturer   Services  

Concord, Ontario

Production Automotive Powder Coating. Application Of Spray & Dip Coatings For Automotive & Industrial Parts

Smith Industries (1958) Ltd.
Distributor   Manufacturer  

Vancouver, British Columbia

Printing & Service Equipment Maintenance & Repairs

Precision Surface Technologies Ltd

Grimsby, Ontario

Custom Coatings For Industrial Components & Rolls. Metallizing Of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Brass, Bronze, Copper, Zinc, Aluminum. Powder Spraying, Tungsten Carbide Coating.

Valley Metal Finishing (1983) Ltd

Concord, Ontario

Metal Finshers

Peerless Custom Rack Company Ltd

North York, Ontario

Plating & Spray Painting Racks

Versatile Spray Painting Ltd

Bolton, Ontario

Protective coatings

Barrett Technical Engineering Services Inc.
Manufacturer   Services  

Markham, Ontario

Business Equipment, Office Equipment, Telecommunications Equipment, Medical Equipment, Refurbishing Services, Sub-Services, Packaging Services, Body-Shop, Silk-Screen, Equipment & Panel Re-Coat

Hassco Industries Inc

London, Ontario

Manufacturer Of Steel Storage Tanks For Petroleum & Chemical Industries

Madok Manufacturing Ltd
Distributor   Manufacturer  

Brantford, Ontario

Manufacturer Of Custom Designed Copper Tube/Aluminum Plate-Fin Heating To Heating & Cooling Coils. Canadian Linsence For Heresite Corrosion Protection Coatings – Applied & Cooling Coils & Other HVAC Equipment

Metal 7 Inc

Sept-Îles, Québec

Specializes in the application of metallic & ceramic coatings using thermal spray processes. Production consists of producing & repairing equipment for the primary industries: including iron or pellet plants & pulp & paper…

Continental Cylinder
Manufacturer   Services  

Edmonton, Alberta

Hydraulic Cylinders & Seals, Bushings

Stock Equipment Co.

Chagrin Falls, Ohio

Gravimetric & Volumetric Coal Feeders, Coal Scales, Coal Valves, Bunker To Pulverizer & Bunker To Stoker Systems

Chameleon Coating Co Ltd
Manufacturer   Services  

Mississauga, Ontario

Custom Powder Coating Of Metal Products

DSI Dalco Services Inc
Distributor   Manufacturer   Services  

Red Deer County, Alberta

Maintenance Problems With Customized Replacement Alternative. We Rebuild & Protect Our Client Assets Using Specialized Polymer Products.

Richardson Industrial Finishers Ltd.

Scarborough, Ontario

Metal Finishers & Coaters, Liquid & Powder Coating – Both Production & Batch Facilities

H & G Powder Painting

London, Ontario

Powder Coating, Metal Finishers

Sulzer Pumps (Canada) Inc.
Manufacturer   Services  

Burnaby, British Columbia

Color Steels Inc
Distributor   Manufacturer   Wholesaler  

Thornhill, Ontario

Prefinished Metals – Specializing In Prepainted / Surface Critical Metals. Includes Sheeting, Blanking, Levelling, Slitting, Embossing, Protective Film, Large Inventory

Teff-Line Ltd.
Manufacturer   Services  

Burlington, Ontario

Custom metal finishers, shop applied industrial coating systems, Teflon PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE, nylon, Halar, Kynar, Phenolic, Plastisol, Zinc, epoxy

Sermatech Canada Inc.

Dorval, Québec

Corrosion Resistant Coating, Primers, Lubricants, Bonding Cements

Plastico Industries

Cambridge, Ontario

Custom Industrial Coating In Vinyl, Plastisol, Nylon Rubber, Metal, Plastic, Protective, Chemical & Water Resistant Coatings & Other Specialty Materials, QS 9000

Holody Electroplating Ltd.
Manufacturer   Services  

Guelph, Ontario

Electroplating, Job Shop, Automotive, Wire Goods, Construction, Health & Safety, Electrical, Plumbing Supply. Rack & Barrel Plating Finishes

Ionbond Inc

Cambridge, Ontario

Industrial coatings, titanium nitride, aluminum, carbon, thin film coatings

Métallitech Inc.

Acton Vale, Québec

Altech Anodizing Ltd

Delta, British Columbia

We Offer A Wide Variety Of Colors & Can Work To Tight Tolerances. Chromate Conversion Coatings, Laser Marking, ANO-Color Print, Screen Printing & Pad Printing

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